Notification System:

We have implemented a reliable notification system to keep you informed about your hosting and domain services. Our system sends you timely notifications approximately two weeks before your service is set to expire. These notifications serve as reminders to take necessary actions regarding your services.


Domain Expiration and Renewal:

When your domain is approaching its expiration date, we will notify you in advance. It's crucial to renew your domain before the expiration date to ensure uninterrupted service. If you fail to renew your domain within the grace period of 20 days after the expiration date, the domain will be lost and cannot be renewed. Therefore, we strongly advise you to renew your domain promptly to avoid any inconveniences.


Hosting Account Termination:

In the case of hosting accounts, if the payment for your hosting service is not received within 30 days after the due date, your hosting account will be terminated. As a result, your website will go offline, and the associated files and data will no longer be accessible. It's essential to keep track of your payment due dates and make timely payments to maintain the active status of your hosting account.


Restoration Process:

Should your hosting account get terminated due to non-payment, you have the option to restore it. However, please note that restoring a terminated hosting account incurs additional fees. The specific restoration fees depend on the duration of the account termination and the complexity of the restoration process. We recommend reaching out to our support team to discuss the restoration process and the associated fees in detail.


Communication Channels:

We understand that you may have questions or concerns about the renewal, expiration, or restoration of your hosting and domain services. That's why we provide multiple communication channels to ensure smooth communication between our clients and support team. You can reach us via email or through our dedicated support portal. Our team is here to assist you and provide the necessary guidance throughout the process.


Terms and Conditions:

We encourage you to review our terms and conditions thoroughly, as they outline the specific policies related to renewal, expiration, termination, and restoration. These policies govern the services we provide and include details about grace periods, restoration fees, and other essential information. Familiarizing yourself with these policies will help you understand the terms of service and avoid any confusion.


Regular Reminders:

In addition to the initial notifications, we also send periodic reminders to keep you informed about upcoming renewals and approaching expiration dates. These reminders are intended to ensure that you have ample time to take appropriate action and prevent any service interruptions.


By providing this detailed explanation, we aim to keep you well-informed about our hosting and domain services. Our goal is to facilitate a seamless experience and help you manage your services effectively. If you have any further questions or require assistance, please don't hesitate to contact our support team.


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Thursday, June 15, 2023

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